Monday, May 3, 2010


I & a couple of my friends/Colleagues Travel in time through Time-Machine to
reach Secunderabad in the year 2090.
There are alot of High Rise buildings like we see in USA in early 21st century. Wide multi-lane express highways are seen all across the city. We land on a high rise building & then somehow
reach the bottom of the building & go wandering in the city. I made conversation with some people & was surprised to find that every one still speaks Telugu language there.

Suddenly the movie "Adithya 369" comes to my mind & i asked a Pan-shop wala near-by if
he has heard about the great king "Sri Krishna Devaraya". He tells me that he never even heard of him. Yes I think, we got too modernised in 2090 to remember history. People just want to move marching forward into the future.
Past is past.

Then, Suddenly the Sky is lit Brightly & we see a big fire-ball/Meteorite
zoom past above us & hit the city somewhere. The Impact could be felt across
the city. We get instructions from our team in the command module to reach
the top of building & get into our TimeMachine/Module as soon as possible. We
get back into the building & start looking for Elevators. We find an
elevator( Lift as we call it in India ). But to ascend every three floors
above, we need to insert a one-rupee coin. God, even using elevators has
become expensive in 2090. People have become so mean & stingy. I try to use
the same one rupee coin we use today in 2010. It doesnt work.

I managed to get some NEW one rupee coins from near by & finally managed to get to top of
that High Rise building & Get into my Time-Machine. We start flying back & as we rise above, we could clearly see the Impact left by that Meteorite/Fire-ball in the city. There is a HUGE HOLE/CRATER maybe 100 ft wide centering middle of a highway & we could see fast moving cars still falling into the crater. Maybe they are not able to see that crater from a distance or not
able to control the high-speed modern automobiles of 2090...........................

Gosh.............. I wake up to find myself in Seattle, WA today on May-2nd 2010. Have I been Dreaming. I cannot believe it.
I am full of Joy to be in the present Right Here Right Now.
Yes. I have been dreaming this morning & the Time: Year2090 & Location is Secunderabad.

This has been the MOST INTERESTING DREAM in my LIFE so far.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Longest Road trip From East to West Across USA

It was fun driving all the way from East to West across USA. Our Road trip started in Columbus, OH & we drove for 12hours to reach Omaha in NE. After a 5day break at my sister's place, we started on our drive to SaltLakeCity, UT. It being summer, it was very Hot & Dry in SaltLakeCity. Visited the University of Utah & the museum of Natural History there. 
After a 4day break there, we started on out final leg of trip to Seattle, WA. Drove for over 12hours through the mountains of Oregon. Was a very wonderful drive with many scenic views.